CCU’s Teaching Excellence Project for 2015 to 2016 aims to guide students to understand themselves, make them learn to decide and be responsible, so that they can get rid of the habits of forced feeding education and arranged life-style since their childhood. Through the customized programs, we can cultivate students’ employability and global mobility, and they will be able to face the multi-developed and innovation-stressed society. Thus, under the basis of CCU’s campus features and the outcomes of Teaching Excellence Project, this project will build up a mechanism founded upon students’ learning, with the foundation of the data analysis from CCU One Piece Liberty Learning System and the addition of teaching innovation and enhancement, we’ll strengthen students’ communication skills on foreign languages required in global career development to achieve our goal of enhancing students’ international employability.  

    Based on the ideas above, with the topic of “Heading toward the future: Prepare for the future society”, this project will try to lead students to learn how to make decisions in CCU’s liberal environment and the opportunities of diversity studies, and have them learn to think and be responsible when they’re making decisions, then they can prepare themselves for the future society.