Sub Project Three

International-Friendly Campus, broaden students’ international horizon.

    To carry out the idea of international-friendly campus, CCU has been highlighting the integration of multi-cultures and the enhancement of foreign language proficiency, and has remarkable advances during the past few years. For example, in 2013, the average score of students who passed the graduation threshold on TOEIC has already achieved 679, which is far surpassed the average score, 560, of domestic university students. This year, CCU expanded the scale of Office of International Affairs in order to cultivate international talents, and we also include the development of students’ learning and career into international horizon. To completely strengthen students’ international communication skills, we’ll innovate English courses in general education, continuously offer advanced courses of foreign languages, so as to enhance students’ advantages in communication in foreign languages.

   By making international elements life-oriented and building a bilingual campus, we’ll also integrate the university’s resources of internationalization and set “Global College” into action to create the atmosphere of international exchange. Considering the trend of international career development, we’ll offer programs to let our students to acquire internationalized workforce experience, and then develop students’ international employability.