Sub Project Four

Enhance the quality of both teaching and learning, encourage teachers and students to explore ways of enhancement.

  With the execution of Teaching Excellence Project for previous years, CCU has remarkable outcomes in helping teachers to advance their competencies and guiding new-employed teachers. We encourage teachers to develop innovative teaching and professional teaching materials, and to build professional social network among teachers,; besides, our project will be continuing integrating the previous highlights and our innovative teaching, and have a trial evaluation system for faculty promotion to enhance our faculties’ the development of professional knowledge and skills.
  As for innovative teaching, combined with the advantages of our TEAL innovative interactive teaching and the ideas of Flipped Classroom, we try to build up “Small Private Online Courses (SPOC)”, with the application of high-tech and multimedia teaching equipment as back-up, and it will become a teaching mode which revolves around students. It’ll motivate students to learn liberally and set a brand-new example of the development of innovative courses. Over and above, we’ll excite students to think innovatively and experience interdisciplinary cooperation with the build-up of new-style classroom and creative learning space.