Sub Project Five

Sustainable learning, to develop the ability to create life-long career.

    During the last session of Teaching Excellence Project, CCU founded Career Development Center and offered 2 credits of “Career Course” in general knowledge area, to make it correspond to Teaching Excellence Project’s core value of knowledge-action integration. In 2015 and 2016, we expect to strengthen international employability and international mobility. By striving for the opportunities to cooperate with abroad enterprises, building up connections or students to make abroad internships, we’ll try to realize the goal of “Train locally, employ globally” and make CCU more visible in global market.
   Beside strengthening students’ professional career competencies, we also plan to unite our unique Physical Education Center and Computer Center, aiming at developing vitality, health maintenance, computer literacy, so as to reinforce students’ values of life, multi-gender respect, immigrants issues, physical fitness, defensive quality and computer literacy. CCU stresses on cultivating students’ vitality of sustainable learning, and then develops students ability to create life-long career.