Sub Project Six

Optimize general education, and value on holistic education and care for the society.

    CCU starts from the point of view of holistic education, with the enhancement and combination of all kinds of teaching methods; we cultivate students’ basic competence of general education to have them use it as the foundation of advanced learning and interdisciplinary studies. Andin order to foster students’ competitiveness in their future career, our top priority is to guide students to build up a complete world view and philosophy of life.    
   Due to the rapid changing of current society, the changes and challenges in workforce have become more and more various. Students have to foster their own basic competencies if they want to survive under such circumstances, and they should also care about the society and treasure environmental ecology, so that they can deal with the stresses from their families, workforce and global competition. With such ideas and goals, this sub-project is going to initiate the innovation of teaching from different aspects through deepening our general education, enhancing Chinese reading and writing proficiency, caring and participating in the society.