Project Origin

  CCU has been rewarded by the Ministry of Education with subsidy from Teaching Excellence Project since 2006. During the first session (2006-2008), we dedicated in establishing teaching systems, methods and the improvement in software and hardware. In the second session, we deepened our previous focus “System Establsihment”to “Achievement Examination”. With the subsidy of the first session of Teaching Excellence Project by the Ministry of Education, CCU, in the areas such as foreign language courses, Zhi-Jing Elite Academy, TEAL innovative interactive teaching, teaching library, the development in digital courses and the establishment of teaching environment, has already achieved respectably outcomes, and has been improving and enhancing

    Through the efforts in the first and second session, the Ministry of Education has already been able to effectively make universities to value more on course planning and designing, and lead teachers to have more respect for teaching, thus effectively enhance teachers’ quality; it also built up an evaluation mechanism of students’ learning  to ensure students’ learning outcomes; it made universities to enhance their teaching quality, and built up the identification with the core values of teaching.

    In order to continue helping universities to deepen the outcomes of their improvement on teaching quality and develop their distinguishing features, Teaching Excellence Project will continue working on the third session (2013-2016) under the basis of the two previous sessions to develop Taiwan’s future competitiveness.

    In the third session of Teaching Excellence Project, CCU will continue cultivating students’ macroscale, multivariate world horizon. To make our students more competitive in employment, through the cooperation with the industries, our students will accumulate learning and practical experiences.