Sub Project One

“CCU One Piece”, which aims to help students learn efficiently and interdisciplinary.

    As one of the comprehensive universities with integrated teaching resources in central-southern Taiwan, since CCU was founded, we have been always encouraging students to pursue liberty learning and diversity study. Therefore, we built up interdisciplinary courses and research areas to enhance the outcomes of our teaching and students’learning. During the past 9 years, with the continuous subsidy of Teaching Excellence Project from Ministry of Education, we focus on students’career orientation and improve students’ liberty learning ability, the preliminary result of our efforts is quite fair.

    In this session, we’re going to strengthen the application of “CCU One Piece Liberty Learning System” under the basis of previous sessions. It’ll help students to learn how to make decisions in diversity studies and internships after they adequate appreciation of themselves, and they’ll also learn to be responsible for their learning and career. With the feedback system of CCU One Piece Liberty Learning System, we’ll start the curriculum reform and develop customized programs based on students’ needs. We expect to set it into moving from the freshmen, by the career orienteering system, we’ll give our best, whole-journey care til their graduation, to lead students to understand their own interests, join the resources of all administrative divisions and integrate the promotion and the execution of all teaching divisions, and co-construct learning and career consulting mechanism.