The project begins in concert with the school's mid-term development whose core value is "new generation, new thought, and new position" from 2018 to 2022.
Through the key points of school development:
  1. Improvement of school management, demonstration of the effectiveness of running school.
  2. Innovative education and cultivation of new generation talents.
  3. Development of forward-looking research and strengthen collaboration among industry, university and research.
  4. Improvement of higher education publicity and living up to the university’s social responsibilities.
  5. Enhancement of global mobility.
To highlight the characteristics of school development as follows:
  1. The excellence of school ethos, which is “Freedom and pluralism” as well as “To innovate with earnestness.”
  2. The balanced development of humanity and science & technology
  3. Equal importance of academic research and industry-university cooperation
  4. Innovative education, and excellent interdisciplinary talents cultivation
  5. Care locally, look globally
All in all, with aforementioned, to achieve the goal of the school's mid-term development as the following
  1. Equal importance of humanity and science & technology.
  2. Combination of Interdisciplinary courses integration, international cooperation and characteristics diversity.
  3. Turning into excellent university.

Synopsis of each subproject

►Implementation of innovative education and improvement of teaching quality:
With the integration of administrations, academics and researches to promote and to implement the followings:
(1) Interdisciplinary programs and new structure of general education
(2) Promotion of intelligent interaction for innovative teaching methods and materials
(3) Optimum mathematical logic courses
(4) Innovative startups and connection with core industry
(5) Diversified development for teachers
(6) Intelligent application of teaching resources
►Development of university features:
“Top-notch technology and forming communities”, “exploring artificial intelligence and discovering of the future”, “interdisciplinary collaboration and social co-prosperity.” These characteristics are developed based on the beliefs of deepening students’ learning and connection with society via the advantageous research results such as intelligent manufacturing, leadership of education, aging research, Nano bio-detection, information technology and application.

►Improvement of higher education publicity:
The publicity of the university is that the university should promote the school affairs with the concept of serving the public to promote the society. The school values public practice in response to the public's review and requirements of the school's credibility. The school will implement the publicity of higher education by cultivating disadvantaged students, cultivating teachers, using and publicizing school materials, and promoting open universities.

►Fulfilling the university social responsibilities:
The school takes stock of past social practice results, analyzes the development needs of Changhua, Yunlin, Chiayi and Nantou, and in concert with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to drive the university social responsibility by connecting to the local, to the world, and to the future. In the coming years, the school will focus on "employment and economic growth", "reducing inequality", "justice system" and "sustainable communities" in order to practice the university's social responsibility and local connections.